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Educate Your Imagination Daily

Workshop on MP3

The Fundamentals of Imagination Education

Initially scheduled for four sessions, this tele-workshop was necessarily extended to six (6) weeks and over 12 hours recording. When you listen to this workshop, be prepared to establish yourself as the person who is aware of the ever-present Energy available to you so you may convert the formless and unconditioned to formed things and experiences in your visible world. The ever-present Energy - pure positive energy - is Omnipresence - always everywhere present.

Look at the Omnipresence of the energy that creates world filling the atmosphere where you live and everywhere you focus your attention, moving about and expressing yourself at the highest level of being. Recognize the Omnipresence as the invisible world you access only with your Imagination - only as the Image that acts. See the ever-present Energy – the Omnipresence as the place where you are Imagination – the Creative Power that produces experiences in your world. Everything is always here now.

Use this tele-workshop to kick-off your daily training while you

  • Staying in the present moment, building momentum

  • Direct your Imagination to assure creating a reality that pleases you.

  • Enhance your capacity to work effectively in the Omnipresence

  • Increase your capacity to use Imagination in ways that please you and bring you joy

  • Condition your Imagination to scan your options quickly

  • Quickly and easily enter the natural state of your desires

  • Use events in your physical reality to reveal memories

  • Clear out and clean memories and beliefs that caused you to misuse your Creative Power

Starting now, make it your mission to be consciously aware of this ever-present Energy every day and all throughout the day. Remember this is where you are using your Creative Power – your wonderful Imagination.

Enter the Consciousness of Omnipresence and View It

Be in the consciousness of Omnipresence

See the Presence of Energy all around you

See the Presence of Light right where you are

See the Presence as permanent Abundance

View energy flowing in and through your world

See the Presence as “good”

View and acknowledge your limitlessness

View your radiant body

Feel the Omnipresence, the I AM Presence

Feel the Presence all around you

Feel the Presence moving inside your being

Feel the Presence swirling all around you

Feel the omnipresent Omnipotence

Feel the charge of omnipresent substance

Feel the omnipresence of good

Feel the energy of omnipresent health and well-being

Feel the energy of your radiant body

Explore the Omnipresence Within Your Physical Reality

View your physical reality as a dream and as a mirror

View memories stirred by events you'd encountered

View people and events in the visible world as symbols

Convert symbols to images

View conditions through the eyes of Imagination

Observe your reactions to actions in an event

Observe Creative Power as the mind of Imagination

Observe the solutions Imagination unfolds before you

Build your body to wellness with your word

Practice Your Skills in the Omnipresence

Expand images beyond usual appearances

Shrink images to microscopic levels

Penetrate cells with the power of thought

Fill your brain cells with infinite wisdom

Clean and clear negative memories

Release symbolic animals

Refine your body

Exercise authority over the air around you

Open up the creative realm of your being   

The mp3 files for this workshop extend to more than 600 MB as a whole. Let us know if you prefer to purchase the workshop in individual sessions.


Only $59.94

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