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Use Your Inner Abilities According To The Rules

Let me use my inner abilities ACCORDING TO THE RULES, and SHOW MY TRUE POWER.

What rules? Dan represents the early stage in the ability to judge. In Dan I am aware of spiritual law. I know how it works.  The rules show how it works - and I must go by these rules as they are contained in spiritual law.

To use my inner abilities is to operate in consciousness - my inner reality.  How does spiritual law work?  What are the rules?

Before I am awake to spiritual law, I tend to criticize, condemn, backbite, blame and disapprove of what I observe. This produces more for me to criticize, condemn, backbite, blame and disapprove.  It is easy for me to just complain about what I see and otherwise measure with my senses. I berate, scold and punish. This part of my ability to judge is based on human reason.My focus on the facts brings the same thing, causing it to happen again and again.

I live by spiritual law and recognize the flow of energy. I find when I operate in low vibrations to focus on conditions, events and circumstances, I have an abundance of the same kind of conditions, events and circumstances.  Finally to know this and see how exact and precise it is, I realize I can operate in the high vibrations to focus on conditions, events and circumstances and have an abundance of a different kind of conditions, events and circumstances.  In other words, I change my focus and change the conditions, events and circumstances. Is that simple enough?

My inner abilities are my spiritual abilities when I allow Spirit to rule my thinking.

Ammiel: the people of God, servants of God. These are my spiritual thoughts. People are thoughts. Servants are thoughts that accommodate my wishes.

Gemalli makes sure the details are in exact order. Gemalli is thorough and complete; it is unswerving and precise control over my thoughts. In Gemalli, I realize that I need to exercise control over my nature. This means interpret it according to its spiritual essence.  Simply, what type of energy is it? Tradition interprets experience from a limited point of view, based on what I observe and measure with my intellect and senses.   

Every name describes the character and nature of a thing or experience. With my Gemalli capacity, I know I control every thing with the name I give it.  Every thing I name, I do so with my thoughts and words.  The name I give it is the judgment I give it.  Where am I focused when I name the thing or experience?  Am I in the higher energies or the lower?  Do I name it with a sense of joy and delight or do I name it according to what I observe?  

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