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The Power Within You Is Prominent

The power within me is prominent and it is GREATER THAN ANY OBSTACLES, seen and unseen. Yet, something causes me to believe in my defeat and that to be free or in perfect health or wealthy is too complex!  Something causes me to believe I need strength in numbers, that on my own, I have no real power.

Gad, the tribe is my personal strength belief.  What do I believe about my personal strength?  A belief is formed of a conglomerate of ideas that support and sustain it.  I have a belief about my personal strength.  The evidence of my belief is all around me. 

How strong am I anyway?  Surely those about me are stronger and greater.  Others are more powerful.

Geuel, the tribal leader spurs me to know the power of God, the invisible force of the universe.

Machi, the father of Geuel, supports the idea that strength is consumed.  So no matter how much strength I have, it is consumed.  I use it all up. This is the sabotaging belief.

The idea that my strength is consumed also considers that strength is depleted. How does this belief affect my knowing the power of God?  I am clear and know the power of God is all-power - omnipotent.  In the face of a belief that I have personal strength filled with ideas of depletion and consumption, how do I associate the power of God with my personal strength?  

If my strength is consumed and depleted, then I have to wonder where the power of God is - in relation to my personal strength?  How does this fit with the idea of omnipotence?  Surely omnipotence includes me - or does it?  Is the power of God separate from my strength?  That's the fallacy of Geuel who came back with the report that "we are like grasshoppers."  Depletion is an influential idea which blocks my view from knowing the power of God.  Although I'd like to use this knowing to rule my strength, it is more than I can do.  This influence makes the power of God of no effect in my life.

For sure, we have to get beyond this belief as we make the decision to enter the Promised Land.  The Land of my power to create my reality and fill it with the desires of my heart.

Move from shame and blame to joyful gratitude!

Form visions and images of your desires and watch your visions become forms in your physical reality!!!

Stop looking for rewards, manifest your desires now!

Move from a receiver to a producer and co-creator!

Break from blind traditions, manifest your dreams now!!!

Develop your inner vision to see through to the wealth, privilege, comfort, affluence, prosperity, solvency that are yours.

Use your inner abilities according to the rules that govern them to show your true power.

Free yourself with powerful ideas within yourself to bring about happiness and prosperity.

Free yourself to increase and build outstanding dreams into your reality.


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