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What is this? What is this about forming visions and watching visions? Is this a bunch of bunk?

Let’s state it another way! I can call for a vision and see it with my mind’s eye. I see that vision in my inner consciousness. I can look into my inner reality - my inner world - which I call spiritual consciousness and see the vision I called.

Still sounds like bunk to me! you say.

This is the one of easiest thing I do.  We can try one that is too simple, just to illustrate.  

Let the image of an elephant appear.   

Did you see it with your mind's eye?  Did you get an impression of its presence?  If you did, then you know how easy image or vision work is. We sometimes call this energy work.

Okay, let's do a little work.  In this moment, I ask for a vision of a host of angels surrounding my house. Here I how I do it: 

Let there be a host of angels surrounding my property. 

As quickly as I asked, really quicker, they are here with me.

The vision is in my consciousness.  This is where I see it - on the stage of my mind.  I do not see it with my senses, and I do not use sense consciousness to make it happen. Sense consciousness implies material or physical appearance.  I see it in and through my consciousness - at the energy or vibrational level. In my inner reality, my inner world.

So what am I doing?  To what am I committed?  Where am I committed?

Very plain and simple, the choice is between higher and lower consciousness. Operating in higher vibrational frequencies (HVF) or in lower vibrational frequencies (LVF). 

In HVF, I consider images and visions that feel good - those that are pleasing and I make a commitment to focus in higher consciousness.  My desires are formed in higher consciousness.

In LVF, the images and visions feel displeasing.  I view the images and as I observe them, I feel bad - any of the so-called negative feelings are attached to the images I view. These are not my desires.  That I experience any such images on a continual basis suggests that I had made a commitment to focus in lower consciousness.  The commitment happened, but not by my conscious choice.  Instead, I learned it from my tradition as the way to look at my experiences. I learned how to react in negative ways - and I did not know I had a different choice.

My angels operate when my commitment is to focus in higher consciousness.  This means I let Spirit to rule my consciousness.  Spirit operates in the higher and innermost areas of my consciousness.  This is often referred to as spiritual consciousness.   

If I were to draw a sphere and divide it at its center, I could designate all above the dividing line as higher consciousness and all below that line as lower consciousness.  It is in higher consciousness that I see the angels. I can look around and see hundreds, thousands, an infinity of angels, of all sizes.  Yes, and I know they are here to do all sorts of things that benefit me - these ministering angels are promised to me. That's what they are here for - to assist me in every matter. And they listen to hear my voice.

I could look at the sphere and call it my inner reality.  And I am at the center of my inner world.  Both higher and the lower consciousness construct my inner world. When you think of consciousness, consider the realm of ideas. All ideas are in consciousness - good, bad or indifferent. So, keeping my attention and focus in the higher realm is what I want to do - to ensure that I feel good and put my angels to work. 

The instant I see my angels and put them to work, I exercise great faith.  To see them is to exercise faith, for in the moment I see them at the front of my mind, they are at work on my behalf. Here, I am tremendously fruitful. I have the ability to give form and shape to ideas. I convert ideas to images. That's what I do each time I observe action in the higher realms of my inner reality.  Isn't this wonderful?

What will I watch? Plain and simple, I will close my eyes - if I have to - to get a clear picture.  I see the angels surrounding my property and immediately I know I am safe.  I just know it. Everyone and every thing on my property is safe and secure. Everyone and every thing is protected. Only with my permission can anyone come onto my property. My property is well cared for and is always in the best shape. My angels keep my property in perfect harmony.

Everyday I experience the joy my angels bring.  How?  I know what my angels are for. My angels are commissioned to do many things on my behalf. They are commissioned to carry out my word when I speak from the higher realms of my inner reality.  They are on my property now because I spoke those words with joy, delight and expectation.  My angels are commissioned to act on the voice of my word from higher consciousness.

It is a joy to think about the purposes my angels serve. To find out more, I study the Scriptures for the details. The most outstanding thing I can do, though is to feel their presence as the angels carry out their missions. I feel the joy of their missions.

My joy is to take time frequently to feel the presence of the spirit of Wisdom.

  • It is my joy to feel the presence of the spirit of Love.
  • It is my joy to feel the presence of the spirit of Health.
  • It is my delight to feel the presence of the spirit of Wealth.

These are all one Spirit, just different manifestations of that one Spirit according to the name I call.  The invisible force of the universe manifests according to what I need and desire.  It manifests according to the clarity of my thoughts and words. Spirit responds in general and specific ways.  Most of the time, I ask in specific ways.  For example,

  • Would I like to draw Wisdom to me when I need to make decisions?
  • Would I like to attract Love to me in relationships?
  • Would I like to maintain perfect health for myself and others?
  • Would I like to restore myself and others to perfect health?
  • Would I like to draw to myself the Wealth of the universe?

Looking at these questions for yourself, if you answered yes, then you’ve got it! 

I definitely want Spirit to manifest in my presence as Wisdom and Love and Health and Wealth.

With these energies round about me, I am a magnet. I know what magnets are for.

So what’s the deal here?  What does this have to do with TRIBES and with visions and images?

The bottom line of Joshua’s place in TRIBES is this: His will was to do the will of the Lord! Well, guess what folks! That's just what he did.  Look at this closely enough to see what I am talking about here. I am talking about being WILLING!  Being WILLING to live the higher life.  Being Willing to let Spirit guide me.  Even to let Spirit rule.  Being WILLING is the first step into higher consciousness.  To be WILLING gives immediate permission to live the higher life.

The Lord called the Universe and all that is in it into being. The Lord, which is the ruler of my life - the ruler of my being - is my being - wants me to use the same power to call into being all that is.  To use this power, I must be willing to use it.  I must give myself permission to use this wonderful power.

Joshua is the son of Nun and they are from the tribe of Ephraim. Ephraim was the second son of Joseph. As 2nd son, he received the blessing of Jacob, the father of Joseph. Joseph ruled in Egypt: he was 2nd in charge.  Second to Pharaoh.

Joshua, son of Nun, learned from his father to “get into God’s face.”  To come face to face with Source Energy.  Face to face with the Invisible Force of the Universe. Face to face with the All-That-Is.

Let’s get back to “the Lord” for a moment. The Lord who is the ruler of my being. Whom I allow to rule. The Lord will not rule unless I allow it to happen.

The Lord is the Word.  The Word which is alive.  

The Word is energy. I allow the Word to rule. I allow energy to rule.

Let’s make this really simple. The consciousness or energy in which I live is my Lord.  It rules me when I let it. The energy in which I live - in which I dwell - is where I am constantly thinking and feeling.  

Here is how it has worked. In whatever energy I live, my experiences show the proof. Where I live in the consciousness or energy of lack, I believed in lack. Living in a belief in lack, first I looked at what I do not have and focused on my lacks. I complained about what I had or did not have - that's lack of appreciation. I wore it almost like a badge of honor to tell others about how I was deprived. On and on I went, and surely enough, I maintained a lifestyle of lack! I obeyed the consciousness of lack. The consciousness of lack ruled.  

As long as I dwell in lack, lack dwells in me.  To change this, I must recognize how exact and precise this consciousness works and shift to a higher energy and dwell there.  Dwell and work in a higher energy.

So let me be real clear here: the energy in which I live rules me.  It rules and controls me.  How long have I lived in the energy I see around me?  For longer than I can imagine.  In other words, I have lived in this energy as long as I have held the beliefs that support and maintain my experience.  I have lived in this energy so long that I believed this is the only way.  But this is just part of it.

It’s like when I found out that I did not have to “worry”, my first question was: if I do not have to worry, what will I do?  So as I look around at this energy - validated by the experiences that surround me, I ask, If I do not have to live in this energy, what energy shall I live in.  What are my options?  And what am I willing to do?

It is very clear to me now that I do not have to live in a consciousness of lack or of ignorance and confusion. I do not have to live in an energy of illness or in discord and conflict. It is my privilege to chose to live in the energy of Wealth and Wisdom. Yes, I can choose to live in the energy of Health and Love.

To live in the energy or consciousness of Wisdom, I am willing to enter the higher realms of my inner Universe where Spirit resides and welcome the spirit of Wisdom into my life.  My choice is to become intimate with the spirit of Wisdom.

To live in the energy of Love, I am willing to enter and dwell in the higher realms of my being and embrace the spirit of Love. I easily become intimate with and devoted to the spirit of Love.

To live in the energy of Health, I am willing to enter the higher realms of my inner world and here I welcome the spirit of Health into my life. Let me make love to the spirit of Health.

To live in the energy of Wealth, I am willing to enter the higher realms of consciousness and dwell there. In this section of my inner world, I welcome the spirit of Wealth into my life and adore and cherish and honor the spirit of Wealth.

The energy in which I reside rules me - is my Lord.

The spirit of Wisdom is with me to guide me in all matters where I need to know the way that works for the highest and best. It becomes my Inner Knowing.  The spirit of Wisdom also known as the spirit of Truth has all answers to any of my questions.  I make my requests to the spirit of Wisdom and Spirit reveals to me that which I desire to know. The guidance rules when I accept the guidance.

The spirit of Love, with me to guide in all relationship matters, guides me to harmony and peace in relationships. I include relationships with people, with the animals, vegetation and with the mineral kingdom. The spirit of Love magnetizes me for the highest and best outworking.

In all my relations, I look to the spirit of Love for guidance and direction, that is, I look to the spirit of Love to rule and I experience great joy.  Think about this - as you think about any person or experience with which you have relationship.  It may be your relationship with your child or your spouse.  Perhaps a relationship with your business or your products.  Are you willing to permit the spirit of Love to rule your thoughts and words and actions?

The spirit of Health guides and directs me in perfect health. With the spirit of Health I maintain perfect health. With the spirit of Health I restore myself to perfect health. How does it feel to be ruled by the spirit of Health?

The spirit of Wealth guides and directs me to manifest abundant resources. It guides me on how to be a Wealth magnet.

In higher consciousness, my companions are the spirit of Wealth, Wisdom, Love and Health; and I can talk with my companions at any time.  I take all my companions with me, every where.  As I communicate with these companions of mine, the angels assigned to these spirits of Wealth and Wisdom and Love and Health carry out the missions of these sweet energies.  It all starts with my being WILLING to enter the higher realms of my inner consciousness.

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