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The daily news constantly focuses on “who’s the blame!”  How many times did you try to "shame" me into doing something you wanted me to do?  How often do I do it to my children... how many times a day do I tell someone You ought to be ashamed of yourself?

These are common truths.  Funny thing, the name Shammau, the leader of the tribe of Reuben, means common truth.  His father, Zaccur by name stirs up the memory of hard and cold things.  Reuben by name has a higher and a lower name.  The higher name is faith by sight but the lower meaning is shame.

Reuben lived out the meaning of his name when he slept with his father's concubine Bilhah. The name Bilhah means self abasement.  Reuben lost the honor as eldest son because of his shame.

Shaphat is the leader of the tribe of Simeon.  His father was Hori.  Shaphat means blame and condemnation.  The Hori meaning goes from its lower level as the imprisoned to its higher as free and noble.  Simeon means faith by hearing. Lower Hori means we are in bondage to our beliefs. Higher Hori means we are freed from those beliefs.

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