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Why struggle with problems to see no progress?  Yet when I rely on my intellect to guide me through, this often happens.  Using my intellect, I go by what I observe and then I judge it.  From here, I totally miss my joy!

Not as a put-down of the intellect - the intellect has its place.  The intellect is a gatherer and as a pointer.  Sometimes called the flesh, the intellect focuses on appearance - on what it can measure along with my senses.  Though it may try, the intellect does not know my inner reality.  But it can detect and point out what it observes of the physical reality.  Yet, just so we remember - physical reality - the things manifested - reflect what I have done in my inner reality.

Excited about what it sees, the intellect tries to fix what it sees.  It tries to guide me to feel one way or another.  It prompts my reactions - whether frustrated or overwhelmed, depressed or despair.  My inner reality detects the energy of my feelings and the battle is on - in the effort to make me feel better.  

Still, the intellect can only act on what it observes and measures.  It cannot help me to feel better.  Besides, it can do nothing of its own - it has no power.  The mind has no power, it can only observe and measure.

That's the message Gaddi and Susi and Manassah bring me.  Gaddi presents error beliefs and claims these are more powerful than the spiritual thoughts within me.  Really, it does not regard my inner universe.  

With Gaddi, I look for what's wrong with what I observe and draw conclusions about what to do about it and I try to get free.  My intellect at work.

The work of Susi is to give quick, swift and free power to sharpen my intellect.  Yet it can do no good because it cannot go beyond the intellect.  It is focused on the intellect and what the intellect shows is what controls my "Susi" qualities.

Manassah is my ability to gain wisdom and emerges through my imagination, Joseph.  Still, because in this setting ruled by Gaddi - the intellect - it's capacity is limited.

To wisely use my image-action is my first break from tradition into the spiritual realm that I may have my dreams.  This is a key to finding my joy - imagination, if I will but use it.  It is the underlying foundation, if I can but focus my attention here.

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Make the power within you prominent and greater than any seeming obstacles and manifest great abundance.




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