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I choose to develop my inner vision so I can see through to my wealth, privilege, comfort, affluence, prosperity and solvency.  These are mine and they have always been mine.

Gaddiel is the son of Sodi from the tribe of Zebulun.

Zebulun means order.  Order shows how something should be.  This belief system says I will follow the form and ritual set out by others who set the rules for my conduct.

Sodi displays strong affection and loyal confidents.

With Gaddiel, "God is my fortune."  "I am organized into a troop or assembly."

Zebulun – Gaddiel, son of Sodi - "Let me subjugate myself to others, to be dominated by them and whipped into line by rituals.  It makes me feel safe."  Thinking in this way encourages fear that I transgress divine law and the belief that I am a sinner.

Loyal to these beliefs and core thoughts, I block my view and inhibit seeing through to the beauty and power I have as I emerge through the Invisible Force of the Universe.

For other snippets from TRIBES Scouting in the Promised Land:

Out from shame and blame to joyful gratitude!

Form visions and images of your desires and watch your visions take form in your physical reality!!!

Stop looking for rewards, manifest your desires now!

From a receiver to a producer and co-creator!

Break from blind traditions, manifest your dreams now!!!

Use your inner abilities by the rules that govern them to show your true power.

Free yourself with powerful ideas within yourself to bring about happiness and prosperity.

Free yourself to increase and build outstanding dreams into your reality.

Make the power within you prominent and greater than any seeming obstacles and manifest great abundance.


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