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Now That I Have TRIBES!

So many things have happened since I wrote and published TRIBES.  And I have learned so much about myself and about life.  I realize that every day is a new day for learning and growing and developing.  

Each time I read in TRIBES, I gain more insight about living the life and living it more abundantly.  That's the point, isn't it?  Today as I was working on a TRIBES related project, I suddenly realized that "crossing the Jordan" is the same as crossing the line that divides lower and higher consciousness.

In TRIBES, I gained my first clue to energy work.  As you may have read already, Reuben's name has a higher and lower meaning.  It is "The Lord has seen how I have been humiliated."  "The Lord has seen" conveys a higher vibrational frequency  and "I have been humiliated" conveys a lower vibrational frequency.  Reuben chose a path and maintained it.   

We know by the accounts in the Scriptures which path Reuben chose.  These same accounts show how the initial energy flow created more experiences of the same energy type - as I have come to call it - several experiences on the same energy line.  This energy flow developed into a belief system which formed the foundation for choices several hundred years later when Shammau, the leader of the Reuben tribe journeyed into the Promised Land.  

Shammau and his men took with them the underlying belief of shame.  At the very least, their inner dialogue was shame and likely their outer speech and action was also shame.  While these energies matched, they did not match the new desire - to abide in the Promised Land.  

What is shame in the Promised Land?  Friends, it does not exist there.  It is not permitted there.  So the highest thought these men could have as they saw those who appeared as giants - we will be humiliated.

For more information about TRIBES or its derivatives, please Email me. Each day is increasingly more revealing and more exciting.



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