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Introducing you to TRIBES Scouting in the Promised Land - the book and the workshops birthed through it is my pleasure.  TRIBES is jam packed with so much - each time I pick it up, I see even more than I did in earlier readings.

But let me tell you the bottom line about TRIBES.  It's about your power - how you gave it away and how you can take it back to use it to create the joyful reality you prefer... You do prefer a reality you enjoy, right?

Common things I took for granted as the human condition are the things that kept me bound to a lifestyle below my privilege. Sure, I did not know these facts before. Maybe I was not ready to know. I cannot say that you are ready to know the things I learned. But it is here for you if you choose to move forward.

When I wrote TRIBES I did it from a biblical reference. I started with a question - why did those tribal leaders return in such fear about something that was PROMISED?  It was promised as the good life. Canaan, the Promised Land, is the land of manifestation.  Canaan means material.  It means physical and tangible things.  Things we can measure with the senses and the intellect.  So it means tangible riches.  It means health and well-being.  It means joyous relationships.  It means the good life - and you get to define it.

I read TRIBES and found out that it is about life. I found out how we are caught up in such a web that keeps us stuck in the same bondages of poverty, disease, ignorance and war. Not just this, but I found the secrets of how to move beyond these bondages.  

Whoever you are, if you are ready for it, TRIBES can help you free yourself from the bondages you face every day. The rat race. Victim of circumstances and victim of any person or group or institution.

Your religious tradition or lack of it does not matter. TRIBES is not about theology or doctrine and it is not about religion or religious practices. It is about what we BELIEVE and how our beliefs keep us from living at our optimal levels - secrets hidden in words and names tell it all.

TRIBES shows how our beliefs govern what happens to us. How we gave away our power - and how others took away our power because we did not know we had it. It was like taking candy from a baby.

I am not talking about religious beliefs. I am talking about everyday stuff we believe in, such as germs and viruses, economic trends and weather patterns. I am talking about the things in life that prompt anyone to react and the beginning point for setting the tone for your experiences.

I must tell you this: because TRIBES has yielded so much with each reading - so much I have been able to apply in my every day life, it has also yielded more in the way of knowing.  In other words, if TRIBES were a mother, it has birthed many babies that are now growing into maturity.

Here at Indoma's Place, we are giving you snippets from TRIBES Scouting in the Promised Land. Contact us if you want to know more.

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