Neutralize Threats to Security

Children see divorce as a threat to their security. They feel:

  • fear of being abandoned
  • confused about who to love
  • they caused the conflict between their Mom and Dad
  • responsible for bringing their parents back together
  • persistent stress
  • loss of motivation for school
  • loss of motivation for making friends
  • loss of motivation for having fun
  • unusually rebellious
  • unusually argumentative
  • too tired
  • too restless

Parents, work with your children and help them set new images to neutralize these threats to their security.

  • secure in settings with each parent
  • comfort loving each parent
  • observing parents make decisions
  • relaxing in favorite space
  • excited about school
  • enjoying new friends
  • playing with friends
  • cooperating with others
  • discussing a matter calmly
  • full of energy
  • sleeping calmly and deeply

For each problem discussed here, remedies exist to help parents and children adjust to the changes. The thing is to get through the pain of the divorce and move on with their lives. Our workbooks for Moms and for Dads

  • ask the important questions that point to problems

  • leave it up to parents to decide what to do

  • point out self-defeating reactions

  • give ways to spot problems and solutions

  • give ways to get past the pain

  • show ways to create resolution dramas

As with our workbooks for children and for teenagers, Love Energy and Light are the prevailing resources we apply.


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