Union of Purpose

All relationships formed serve a purpose.

Each relationship is formed to fulfill a purpose. With each person with whom I join, I join to serve a purpose. Whether it is a friendship, a brief acquaintance, a working relationship or a marriage, each connection I form serves a purpose. Even the connection I have with each of my furry friends, our relationships serve a purpose. Connections I have with my business or my books, the links I make with my customers all serve unique and individual purposes - not defined by the context in which the relationships are set.

The context of the relationship is often what we call its reason. For instance, I fall in love and then we marry. The marriage is the context of the relationship. It is the setting in which I carry out the purpose for the union. I work for a firm and form relationships with various of the persons there. The working relationship is the setting in which we blend our talents and abilities to fill the purpose of the union. I have a feline friend who has lived with me for years. Our relationship is the context in which we fulfill the purpose of our union. Each book I write is a living entity with which I form a relationship. The feelings I develop - energy I release as I write the book - provide the setting through which we fulfill the purpose of our union. The purpose is more than the relationship.

By tradition, I call the connection a relationship. By spiritual law, I call it a union of purpose.

The purpose of the union gives life to the relationship. It is like a goal, but it is more than that. The purpose of the union is like a framework or a blueprint - one which we use as a guide to accomplish certain things that only you and I can do when we approach it together.

I may or may not know the purpose for the union. When I know why we are together, then I can move in ways that fulfill that purpose - I can take action consciously - aware of what I am doing and I easily set in motion the elements for joy and delight. When I do not know why we are together, still we move in the direction to fulfill the purpose.

You and I - two souls - formed a mutual agreement to assist each other and from that agreement we set the purpose of the relationship in motion when we saw each other. We set the purpose of the union in motion the instant we gave any form of attention to each other.

Let's look at a purpose. For example, Soul A and I may have formed an agreement to serve as a vessel through which he or I would enter physical reality. Whoever returned to physical reality first would serve as host. Soul B and I may have agreed to work together to bring a soul in - perhaps with the same attributes as Soul A.

If Soul B and I agreed to bring in only one soul, then the purpose of the union is fulfilled when Soul A enters physical reality. If we agreed to serve as hosts for several souls and that agreement included a united experience where we provided full nurturing of each soul we brought in from infancy to adulthood, then our union would continue until the purpose was fulfilled. Still, if our agreement was to assist each other for a lifetime of adventures, then the purpose would guide our union for many years.

Please understand: the agreement is made long before we stand at an altar to confess wedding vows. The agreement is made long before we meet on the paths that merge with the events that brought us together.

It does not matter what events brought the two of us together. Understand: the purpose is rarely connected to the "thing" that brought the us together. Sure, Soul B and I fell in love. We married and set up a home. We needed the thing - the event - the falling in love - to draw attention to each other.

How long do we maintain the relationship? Very simply, until we fulfill the purpose. We maintain the relationship for the time it takes to fulfill its purpose. When we have accomplished the purpose, we no longer require the relationship.

Usually when the purpose has been fulfilled, the two create a drama that ends the relationship. This is particularly what happens when either you or I are not aware of the purpose.

If I am focused in physical reality and in just what I can measure with my senses or my intellect, rarely do I know the purpose for my relationships. When the purpose is fulfilled and it is time to move on to the next, that is, the relationship ends - I may handle the ending in various ways.

If I ended the relationship - I may have ended it for various reasons, but I am likely to not consider that a purpose had been fulfilled. More often, something about the other person annoyed me and I chose to cut-off the relationship. If you ended the relationship, I may likely feel devastated. Unless I had already felt the end also, but did not choose to openly end it.

Focused in mental reality, I may be able to say, "This is why we were together!" and then point to this or that reason after the relationship ends.

Where I am focused in spiritual reality, I ask Spirit to show the purpose of the relationship at the beginning and to guide me through it. I make this request to insure that I do my part to fulfill the purpose so I may move smoothly forward when all the tasks have been completed.

This is not about ending a relationship, it is about moving forward.

I move along on my path. It is about recognizing that we each have our own paths and just as we came together to walk along the path for something special, we still have our own paths. We were on our own paths when we walked together - even thought it may have appeared we were on a single path.

We were not on a single path - we in our relationship were still on our own individual paths that were side-by-side for a time.

Relationships based on need end when the need is filled.

Glue does not hold relationships together. Relationships are built on a vibration of reciprocating need. I sense that I need something from you and you sense that you need something from me. That's what brought us together. As in the situation of serving as a host for Soul A to enter physical reality, at the soul level I knew Soul B was the right one to help in bringing Soul A in.

However, when a relationship is built solely on need and no other vibrations are in place to link the two together the relationship has to end when the purpose is fulfilled. Even when you and I enjoyed and delighted in the relationship, a sense of parting would be there - popping up to remind me and you that we must move on. The energy of need brought us together and when that need is fulfilled, the energy of need dissipates.

Let's look at the vibration of reciprocating need in yet a different way. Suppose I need to do a particular thing - I call it my project. And your project - your need to do a particular thing is very similar to my project. We come together to give to each other the elements that make it possible to complete our projects.

For a period, it may seem that we had joined our projects, forming them into what seems a single project - somewhat in the same way it seems our paths merged. Still as we reach a certain point with the project, we move on along our own paths with our projects. We work and play together as long as the energies that form our projects match.

Each, we continue to set energy around the project. With the attention we give to the project, we wrap our energy around it. Bringing our energies together for the project, we continue as long as the energies match.

When our vibrations do not match, they do not match.

In words we speak to each other, in thoughts and emotions we feel, we release energy. We automatically release vibrations.

Separations and divorces happen when one or the other or both release energies that block the flow of Love Energy. Each partner feels the blocking energy long before they decide to separate. Likely, each responds to that energy also, a factor that causes it to build to the point of extreme discomfort.

Discomfort the partners feel with each other is blocking energy. They position themselves and argue - to express their discomfort. The partners position to set up increased distance. They argue about the distancing and blame each other. Whether silent or aloud, the blaming is focused on the distance. Blaming is blocking energy.

  • Distance in interests.

  • Distance in feelings for each other.

Arguing and blaming are distractions. These acts keep the partners from seeing that they had shifted their focus - to prepare for the next projects. If one is focused on the upcoming projects and the other is focused on the projects of the union - even though complete - the difference in each focus creates what appears as imbalance in the vibrations.

Attention toward something outside the union - to the one still focused on the union, this appears as blocking energies. Blocking energies arise when this one prefers to have the attention the other has focused elsewhere. Thus the one who choose to maintain the union focus interprets the energy as disinterest and sets in motion blocks that shift the focus to lower vibrations.

Regardless of the relationship, that it ends may be necessary.

Why? When we have fulfilled our purpose for being together - having completed all the projects within the purpose and there is no new mission, you and I have nothing more to hold us together.

Not knowing that we had completed what we had set out to accomplish, we may ask, "Can it be restored?" To attempt to reconcile or restore the relationship is a factor of physical and mental focus. Spiritual focus - I am aware that we have done as much as is required for what drew us together in the first place.

It's not a matter of trying to come up with other projects to keep us together. My purpose for being drives my relationships. That we had accomplished all our tasks with each other and have others to now serve is just that.

My purpose takes me to my next place. Any other souls with whom I had agreed to assist and who had agreed to assist me along the path are on the way to the meeting places - and will arrive at the appointed places at very much the times I arrive.

I may have to go it alone for a while. To prepare for the next phase of my purpose. I continue to give attention to what is in front of me. I set energy in motion by the attention I give what's at hand. The path alone, I continue until I meet and greet the next one who has a similar project, one for which we will form a union of purpose.

Each person is in a relationship with each person in their reality.

All relationships are one-on-one. This is so, even when I am in a setting with many. I may be part of a group or organization where we all come together for certain events. Still, my relationship with the group is a series of relationships with one person at a time.

One plus one equals the relationship. One plus one equals three: you, me and the relationship - which is a living entity. The purpose of the relationship is what the relationship produces. The outcome of the relationship.

For each relationship, both persons are mutually responsible for choices within the relationship. To make sure the choices are workable, I can take the following actions.

  • ask important questions to clarify my role

  • allow the other space to be who he/she is

  • point out winning actions and features of the other

  • help the other to raise his or her vibrational frequencies

  • activate energy that results in healing and prosperity

  • share dramas to create joy and happiness

  • observe to see Love Energy flowing all around both the other and myself


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