Redefine The Family

Now is the time to end a more than 20-year craze that has perpetuated itself. In their effort to define the society, human service professionals adopted certain terms, put them into motion and created a travesty.

I would not ever want to believe they did this intentionally. I prefer to believe they spoke these conditions into being out of ignorance. I prefer to believe they had no idea that when they speak they unleash the energy of the words and names they call.

The human service professionals coined the terms "dysfunctional" and "disenfranchised" families. The truth is this. Dysfunctional families do not exist. Disenfranchised families do not exist. That the "system" coined and enacted these terms crippled the family system. Names they attached to families took away power and subjected the family system to the self-declared elite of the society, the human service professionals.

Intentional or not, the fact is that as long as a family would buy into the identity of itself as dysfunctional it fell subject to major and minor systems of the planet. As long as a family saw itself as disenfranchised, then it had to grovel and bow to the systems that hold power over the planet.

It is vital that families have what they need to take back their power. Daily I take back my power each time I identify bogus belief systems perpetrated against human beings. I identify, expose and demolish bogus beliefs. I do this so that I am no longer a slave to any system. These include the financial and health care systems, the legal, social and religious systems, as well as the educational and media systems.

Systems demand allegiance from their subjects. First, they rob their subjects of their identity by creating conditions that cause people to feel inadequate and unworthy. Next they take away the peoples' resources, confuse their communication and cripple the families. To identify families as dysfunctional and disenfranchised takes power away from parents, gives children false senses of power and fosters the breakdown of the family system.

When I came to terms with my true identity, I took my first step to free myself from the systems that had tried to keep me enslaved. I pass information on to you that you may claim your freedom.


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