Kids Manage Dad's Absence

Research shows that children suffer when their fathers are absent from their lives.  

Boys often experience the following:

  • lower self esteem
  • rejection by their peers
  • adverse focus in decision-making 

Girls show negative effects

  • in social development
  • self-image - not pretty enough
  • self-concept - not affectionate enough
  • in decision-making skills
  • self-concept - not smart enough

For each problem discussed here, remedies exist to help parents and children  adjust to the changes.  The thing is to get through the pain of the divorce and move on with their lives.  Our workbooks for Moms and for Dads 

  • ask the important questions that point to problems

  • leave it up to parents to decide what to do

  • point out self-defeating reactions

  • give ways to spot problems and solutions

  • give ways to get past the pain

  • show ways to create resolution dramas

As with our workbooks for children and for teenagers, Love Energy and Light are the prevailing resources we apply.


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