Family Systems Changes

Divorce Requires the Family to

  • restructure its system
  • set new rules that ensure support and caring
  • set new boundaries

Your family system consists of the connections within and outside your family network.

What rules determine how you will deal with these now? Also, what parts will you play with these persons?

  • each member of the immediate family and how they interact with each other
  • each family member in your roles
  • responsibilities each family member has (who does what?)
  • communication methods
  • each member of the extended families and how they interact with members of the immediate family

The following systems outside your family are among those with whom you have contact. For some, you will increase your involvement and with others you will reduce your involvement. What facts determine what you will do? with...

  • personal services
  • financial institutions
  • communication systems
  • the media
  • the internet
  • real estate and land use planners
  • recreation, indoor and outdoor
  • health care systems
  • businesses
  • research organizations
  • charity organizations
  • religious organizations
  • legal establishment and judicial systems
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • sports
  • transportation systems and highways
  • the government - policies, regulations, taxes, etc.
  • clubs and organizations
  • "they" who said it
  • hospitals
  • prisons and jails

For each problem discussed here, remedies exist to help parents and childrenmake the changes. The thing is to focus on these things through Love Energy to be clear on the purposes these serve.

  • ask the important questions that clarify your purpose

  • decide what action to take

  • point out problem areas and see the challenge in them

  • spot solutions and carry them out

  • create dramas to guide your action

Love Energy and Light are the prevailing resources.


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