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What experiences do you prefer? 

Do you enjoy your current experiences?

Are there experiences you know about that you would like to have?

Consider: every experience you can think of and an infinite number and variety you are yet to know already exist.  These experiences, all of them await your call!

Have you identified the experiences you prefer? 

Did you command them to come to you? 

How intense was your command? 

How clear? 

How close are you to it?

Using an OptiScal is child's play. You can play this game every day. First, identify an experience you prefer and see how close you are to it. Choose the nature of the experience - up to its optimal. Create an atmosphere for the experience and measure your progress. Finally, watch and observe everything that comes before you.  Use your built-in system to manage everything that appears.  It appears in your mind's eye and you can change it immediately - you can change anything that shows up that is unlike what you commanded into that which you identified.

Scroll up to the link for the article OptiScal Info and find out how to play with this game.

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