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Educating the Imagination

Why would you want to educate the Imagination?

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I did not even think about Imagination Education until I heard a simple piece of advice from Neville to educate the Imagination. Suddenly, I realized I had spent a lifetime educating the Intellect but had not done a thing about my Imagination. Every thing was cued to the Intellect and my Imagination was just following along. Yes, my Imagination was always on the scene, playing out scenes in my mind - mainly as part of my reaction to circumstances and events in the visible world.

I examined it and realized my Imagination was running wild. It had followed my Intellect from the time I was an infant - and who knows, it may have been playing out stuff while I was in my mother's womb. 

I noticed my experiences in applying the Law - where sometimes I was successful with it and at other times I was challenged. I knew I needed to be moving in one or another direction, but it did not always happen in the way I'd wanted it. 

It took what seemed an eternity to make the connection that when I was frustrated in my efforts to apply the Law I'd aborted those efforts. I did not know my frustration had moved me out of the consciousness of the thing I was working on and placed me squarely into the consciousness of frustration. My reaction to my ineffectiveness with the Law was my Imagination following Intellect.

So, I made the decision to bring my Imagination under control - where I'd use it consciously in the way it was intended. I knew after several years of studying and testing Neville's works that my Imagination was the Law unto my being and it was the Law unto my inner world. So it could no longer run wild. I'd educate Imagination so it would be as prolific and successful as my Intellect had become. 

Then came the question: where do I start? I asked Spirit and the following steps came to me. My task at this stage was to become familiar with the following:

  • My inner world
  • Images and symbols in my inner world
  • Tools for working in my inner world
  • The atmosphere around my images and symbols
  • Energy radiating through my dramas
  • How I'd organized my dramas
  • Fragmentations and Methods for Redeeming Fragmentations
  • Relationships I'd penetrated
  • The depths of my inner world (going beyond the surface)
  • My powers of expansion
  • My powers of transformation
  • Living in the world of transforming energy

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I became familiar with each area listed above and out of these came more and more. Do yourself a favor and become familiar with the areas listed here and start the process of educating your Imagination. Of course, if you'd like assistance in educating your Imagination - that is, in disciplining your mind so you'd consistently arrange your mind so it caused your world to reflect the life and situations you wanted, contact me to arrange for coaching.

As we work together, you can expect to the following and more

  • make your desires alive in your world
  • cause your friends and loved ones to see you differently
  • feel your desires fulfilled in your imagination
  • reconstruct unpleasant situations into lovely experiences
  • adjust to the new states you had chosen
  • clothe yourself in your desires
  • carry on conversations with yourself from the point of view of your fulfilled desires
  • transform yourself into the likeness of your desires
  • contemplate your fulfilled desires until you could no longer suppress the joy that comes with its achievement
  • prove to yourself that you could be the person you had chosen to be
  • assemble scenes that formed structures that appear as experiences in your visible world

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